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  Precision - competence - reliability
… the name H. Junkerkalefeld GmbH is a synonym for these values

In the competitive market of tool and prototype manufacturing, H.Junkerkalefeld GmbH has successfully positioned itself as a customer-oriented provider of solutions for the car manufacturing, commercial vehicle and household appliance industries as well as their suppliers and other branches of industry.

H.Junkerkalefeld GmbH was formed out of 'Junkerkalefeld Werkzeug- und Vorrichtungsbau', which was founded by the present-day managing director Helmut Junkerkalefeld on 1st June 1987. In a continuous, healthy and planned process of growth, our experienced and dynamic team now boasts 20 well trained members of staff and four apprentices.

With this team, we produce high-quality precision tools, jigs and gauges. The tool manufacturing department manufactures all types of tools for sheet metal working as well as progression press tools, transfer tools, cutting tools, drawing dies and bending tools.
We produce first article and pre-series components on our own press machines at our factory location.

We also produce prototypes and prototype tools to support the development work of our customers.
Equally, we offer high-quality top-of-the-range CNC, milling and wire erosion services; in doing so, we fulfil the high expectations of our customers of many years standing.

A management willing to make high investments makes us a reliable partner with state-of-the-art machinery. An overview is available for downloading.
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